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Alloys-by-design: Application to new superalloys for

202111 · The majority of the work reported in this paper was conducted using the new alloy ABD-850AM, with CM247LC [11] & IN939 [35] – which are long-established

: Yuanbo T. Tang, Chinnapat Panwisawas, Joseph N. Ghoussoub, Yilun Gong, John W.G. Clark, André A.N. N...

Ultralow-fatigue shape memory alloy films | Science

2015529 · Fig. 2 Ultralow fatigue in SMA films. Ultralow fatigue of the Ti-rich sample 2 demonstrated by next-to-identical 1st, 200th, and 10 7 th superelastic transformation

: Christoph Chluba, Wenwei Ge, Rodrigo Lima de Miranda, Julian Strobel, Lorenz Kienle, Eckhard Quandt,...

A fourteen-component high-entropy alloy@oxide