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Nickel Brazing Alloys | Aufhauser

21 · 1 · Aufhauser Nickel Brazing Alloys Ideal for brazing nickel super alloys and assemblies. Joining and fabrication applications for aerospace, ... Eutectic nickel brazing

  • AUFHAUSER TRADE NAMEAWS A5.8NICRNi-73BNi-1Bal14Ni-74BNi-1aBal14Ni-83BNi-2Bal7Ni-92BNi-3Bal- 21

    Nickel-based brazing filler metals | Höganäs

    The BrazeLet® BNi family offers nickel-based filler metal powders suitable for different applications, brazing conditions and braze properties. Applications are found in a wide


    How to Choose Nickel-Based Filler Metals for Vacuum Brazing

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    † BNi-12 is similar to BNi-7 except it has greater strength, and heat and corro-sion resistance. † BNi-13 offers brazing characteristics ... phosphorus-chromium alloy like

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    Nicrobraz® Nickel-Based Brazing Alloys - Wall Colmonoy